About us

TIMATEH Ltd. is registered as legal entity in 2001 in the city of Varna being a successor company of MAPAS Sole Trader registered in 1993 as a company operating in the field of services, including repair of industrial equipment and machinery, automation, technological and hotel equipment, repair and construction of power plants and factories, industrial, business and residential buildings. TIMATEH Ltd. continued proving services to the MAPAS Sole Trader’s customer base which has already been created, continuing development and expansion. .

At the end of 2005 the company focused on building electrical engineering. For this purpose new jobs were disclosed and highly qualified professionals were recruited. In order to increase professionalism and constant introduction of innovations in the field of business, the company organizes visits to seminars, courses, exhibitions and presentations, and the purchased specialized equipment optimize the workforce. Our competitiveness imposed to be developed and implemented Quality Management System in accordance with the standard BSS EN ISO 9001:2008. On its part the management of the company takes great care to the establishment of fruitful relations with construction companies, investors and customers.